Understanding the A.T.P. Categories

  1. Training Providers: Organizations whose main business is to provide training for various skills and courses.
  2. Companies: Organizations which are not training providers or universities.
  3. Universities: Organizations which are recognized as universities globally.
  4. Small Training Organizations: Small organizations who were the initial partners of 6sigmastudy.
  5. Experts and Consultants: Individual experts or consultants interested in teaching Six Sigma.

Comparison of Benefits

Core Benefits Training Providers Companies Universities or Colleges Small Training Organizations Individual Faculty/Experts
Greater acceptance and credibility for Six Sigma trainings
Get exclusive savings on certification exams
Offer PMI®-approved PDUs (Professional Development Units)
Customer support services by 6sigmastudy
Stay up to date with training proposals from different organizations
Application fee $ 1000/yr (One Country),
$1500/yr (Global)
$ 1000/yr (One Country),
$1500/yr (Global)
$ 1000/yr (One Country),
$1500/yr (Global)
$ 1000/yr $ 500/yr
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