Global Accreditation Body for Six Sigma Certifications

How can A.T.P.s get access to Corporate RFPs

  • With the growing demand for professionals certified in Six Sigma methodologies, many companies are looking for training providers to fulfill this need. 6sigmastudy™ provides a platform to bring these companies and training providers together so that both can benefit mutually.
  • 6sigmastudy™ will upload RFPs from companies on its partner portal. A.T.P.s will get instant alerts with details of all the RFPs uploaded on 6sigmastudy™
  • A.T.P.s can then choose to respond to any RFP of their choosing. To respond to the RFP, they need to follow the instructions mentioned in the RFP.
  • The sole role of 6sigmastudy™ is that of a facilitator and it will not get involved in the RFP process in any case. All communication needs to be directly between the A.T.P. and the organization that has issued the RFP.