Global Accreditation Body for Six Sigma Certifications

Trainer accreditation process

How to become a 6sigmastudy™ Certified Trainer (SSCT™)?

Six Sigma training for certification exams such as SSGB™, SSBB™, LSSGB™, and LSSBB™ should preferably be conducted in classrooms or through virtual instructor led sessions. It is important for every 6sigmastudy™ faculty to be an expert in the particular 6sigmastudy™ certification he or she is teaching. It is also important for the faculty to be a good teacher and have adequate soft-skills to handle different situations in a class, and consistently deliver very high-quality training.

Process for becoming an accredited 6sigmastudy™ Certified Trainer (SSCT™):

  1. Trainers need to have at least 2 years of relevant work experience and should be willing to share their experiences in the classes they teach.
  2. They need to successfully pass any two 6sigmastudy™ certification exams (out of SSGB™, SSBB™, LSSGB™, and LSSBB™), including the certification course that they wish to teach.
  3. They need to be aware of the training resources available in 6sigmastudy™ A.T.P. portal such as videos, handbooks, and recording of past training sessions. 6sigmastudy™ will provide substantial training resources which A.T.P.s and trainers can customize and use for their classes - the training resources will focus more on Six Sigma concepts rather than on how to pass 6sigmastudy™ certification exams. Other than the training resources available on the A.T.P portal, additional custom content may need to be developed by individual A.T.P.s or trainers.
  4. All trainers must be associated with a 6sigmastudy™ A.T.P.

Once trainers complete the above requirements, they need to apply to 6sigmastudy™ to become an accredited trainer (mentioning the details of the A.T.P. with whom they are associated). Accredited Trainers will be certified as a "6sigmastudy™ Certified Trainer (SSCT™)" and they will be awarded an accreditation certificate making them eligible to train students for 6sigmastudy™ certifications. They should train only for the A.T.P.s with whom they are associated.

To ensure high-quality learning experience for all our students, trainers need to consistently get high ratings in student feedback forms. 6sigmastudy™ will regularly ask for feedback from students who attend classes conducted by 6sigmastudy™ A.T.P.s. Faculty who receive unfavorable feedback must work on improving their course delivery, or their accreditation as SSCT™ may be terminated. 6sigmastudy™ reserves its right to terminate any SSCT™ from continuing training for 6sigmastudy™ classes because of poor feedback or for similar other reasons.