Global Accreditation Body for Six Sigma Certifications

Ethical Practices

6sigmastudy™ certification exams are proctored using online tools such as Cisco Webex or GotoMeeting. Individuals taking online examinations are required to use this system. Cheating on examinations is contrary to both academic integrity standards and to ethical standards set by 6sigmastudy™.

Students are required to establish identity following the procedures outlined in the conducting certification exams section.

Test Environment Requirements:

The online testing environment should mimic the 'in class' testing environment, and must conform to the following conditions:

  1. A quiet, secure, fully lighted room for the examination
  2. No other people in the room
  3. A clean desk or clean table to sit to take the exam (not a bed or couch)
  4. No talking out loud or communicating with others by any means
  5. No leaving the room
  6. Nothing except computer and external cameras on the desktop or tabletop. Removal of all books, papers, notebooks, or other materials, unless specifically permitted.
  7. Students are not allowed to use the following unless otherwise noted by the proctor:
    • Excel
    • Word
    • PowerPoint
    • Calculator (online/computer or handheld devices)
    • Textbooks (online/computer or hardcopy books)
    • Notes (online/computer or hardcopy notes)
    • Other websites
  8. External cameras, when possible, should be placed on the lid of the laptop or where it will have a constant, uninterrupted view of the test taker
  9. No writing visible on desk or on walls
  10. No music is allowed to be played on computer or any other system in the room
  11. No other computers running in the exam room
  12. No headphones or ear buds allowed
  13. Webcam must always be focused on the individual taking the exam.
    • Nothing should cover the lens of the camera at any time during the exam.
    • Lighting must be of "daylight" quality and overhead lighting is preferred, if possible. If overhead lighting is not possible, the light source should not be behind the student.

Any violation of the instructions given for taking online proctored exam will result in the dismissal of the exam and can proceed to legal actions, if necessary.