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6sigmastudy helps you set up and run Six Sigma certification courses successfully and economically.

Why partner with 6sigmastudy?

6sigmastudy™ Authorized Training Partners (A.T.P.s) are officially authorized organizations to offer Six Sigma training. Following are the major benefits that the A.T.P.s enjoy:

Wide acceptance across companies

A strong student base and a wide acceptance for 6sigmastudy™ among companies provide you ample opportunities to tap into the market potential for Six Sigma certifications

Training for key certifications recommended

6sigmastudy™ recommends that students should preferably get training from A.T.P.s to successfully pass different 6sigmastudy™ certification exams. List of certification exams.

Incentive for students to sign up with A.T.P.s

A.T.P.s get up to 60% discount on the certification exams (compared with prices available to open students). This motivates students to go through 6sigmastudy A.T.P.s for their training.

Garner additional revenues by offering Recertification exams

You will be authorized to sell Recertification exams to certified 6sigmastudy™ students who need to maintain their certification status. More

Save time - Use 6sigmastudy™ resources and course materials

Access to high quality 6sigmastudy™ education resources such as workbooks, high-quality videos, case studies, and mobile apps enable you to offer classes without having to create extensive training resources of your own.

Get trainers easily and at low cost

Trainers associated with A.T.P.s just need to take two 6sigmastudy™ certifications. They can take 6sigmastudy™ certification exams without having to undergo mandatory classroom or instructor-led virtual training. More

Easy-to-use portal to manage your account

6sigmastudy™ provides partners with an easy-to-use portal to manage training-related activities as well as its relationship with 6sigmastudy™.

Earn big - Complimentary access to RFPs

Any RFP from an organization interested in Six Sigma training will be forwarded to A.T.P.s, opening up highly lucrative opportunities. More

Increase your portfolio with other popular courses

Association with 6sigmastudy™ will enable you to offer various popular courses in the field of professional training and certification, without any additional cost.

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